Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Watwet releases its "Suzie"

Just last night, we released our "Suzie" wave of improvements to Watwet. Katy, Paula, Tippie and Gwendoline are the next milestones of improvements to Watwet. But for now, let's tell you what we have improved so far.

For those who use our Arabic interface, you will notice better support for Arabic. We migrated to Rails 2.2 framework a couple of months ago, but did not really dig into the translations. Now it's all set. This also means in the coming releases, you will see Watwet supporting other languages. In the pipeline are French, Farsi, Turkish and Swahili languages. We are searching for translators! So if you or someone you know can help, please let us know.

On this front, we also improved on the rendering of Arabic text within the English interface and the English text in the Arabic interface.

Another thing we are bringing in this release is better cross-browser compatibility. At one point, Watwet's support for Internet Explorer 6 was minimal. Now it works more robust on IE6 and IE7. If you use Safari or Firefox, you will the lucky users who can experience Watwet curved/rounded corners layout. For other browser users, you will experience the straight pointy corners layout.

On the interface level, we have added what we think is a better navigation menu. We also made the layout wider. We also tried as much as possible to have a standard color code for links.

The Public Timeline of Watwet now shows the watwets coming from the channels and not only the users. We also improved on the robustness of the application.

Thanks for Andi, Waheed and Karim for pulling some nights to get Suzie out! :)


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