Friday, May 22, 2009

WEF coverage on Watwet

Rakan and Karim went to 7iber's training workshop at ZENID to support them in training a group of bloggers and journalists on Watwet and how to use it to live-blog the World Economic Forum. We thought of doing this video in Steve Erwin style, except that Rakan was Staif Erwan! You know that we love all bloggers out there and we just wanted to have fun covering this fantastic initiative by the 7iber and the British Council. Watch the video at our Ikbis channel!

Here are some screenshots of the coverage for the WEF on Watwet.

Check the pages of the people who were blogging it:

Thanks for everybody.


  1. Dears,
    First it's amazing work what you guys did with watwet, I was personally on the WEF with the GCM program 'watwetting' with team
    Which encouraged me to create a channel and many have subscribed to it, yet we're having a hard time confirming the orange and umniah numbers- I tried finding a way to contact you but the 'contact us' link doesnt offer any contact address!, we registered all numbers as international numbers, didnt recieve a confirmation msg, yet we sent blanks to the international number- yet numbers were not confirmed. I'm not sure how to contact you or how to solve this
    my watwet nickname is "sedki" hope you could help us with this

  2. Is down? I can't access it at all, either on the browser or on my mobile.

  3. now i switch to .. since watwet is down!!